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Moroso Power Charger, 12-16 Volts at 30 amps

Includes a list of features that will make all other chargers obsolete!

With this versatile charger you have at your disposal one you can use on your race car, towing vehicle, your street car, or a battery you had to buy in an emergency at the racetrack. The Power Charger not only charges your everyday 12-volt battery, but will also charge 16-volt batteries. Plus, it will also charge any type of battery including Gel Cell, Sealed, Led Acid, Wet/Deep Cycle, "Reactor" batteries, and even Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type batteries.
If you're looking for speed, you can be sure your battery is ready for the next round of competition. Featuring a near full charge recovery in about 14 minutes, it also has a maintain mode for batteries in storage. The large handle makes it easy to carry, or the unit can be mounted on a wall or workbench.

  • Made in USA, approved by U.L., E.T.L., C.S.A., and CE
  • Dual Voltage charges both 12 and 16 volt batteries
  • 30 amp rating makes for fast recharge
  • Solid state LED Ammeter shows battery condition is charging at 80% or READY
  • Battery type "dip" switches can be accessed and changed to charge ANY type battery
  • Hibernate mode is perfect for long storage, automatically shuts down to zero output after 24 hours, applying a maintenance charge cycle once every thirty days
  • Low Start Voltage for deeply discharged batteries, will begin charging a battery that has only .02 of a volt
  • Short and reverse polarity connection shutdown
  • External ambient temperature compensation
  • Works with AGM batteries without need for adjustment; calibrated not to exceed 19 volts charge when in the 16 volt mode

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