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Ford Motor Mounts, Fits: 1979-83 & 1993 Mustang with 5.0L Engines
  • Solid Motor Mounts must be used in conjuction with Solid Transmission Mounts to prevent breakage of engine block and transmission case due to torsional stress
  • Extra-thick 3/16" steel Motor Mounts are gusseted for extra strength
  • Pre-welded Grade 8 studs withstanding the high-torque, high- horsepower loading encountered during hard acceleration
  • Reaction and 60-foot times are improved since engine movement in the chassis is eliminated, instantaneously transferring power to the rear wheels
  • Clutch linkage binding is eliminated, ensuring improved shifts
  • Manufactured on computer-controlled equipment for unsurpassed quality and precise fit
  • Finished with protective zinc plating
  • Two per pack