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This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.
Electronic Pressure Control Accumulator Solenoid Valve, 12 volt, 35-40 PSI discharge and refill, Race/Street Applications

Best for Competition - Kit includes Moroso Part No. 23905 Solenoid Valve plus a Pressure Valve

  • Better than a regular manual electric valve — our Solenoid pressure valve allows only the needed volume of oil to be released for quicker filling and discharging
  • Screw-in sensor electronically activates when engine oil pressure drops below normal. When the engine returns to normal pressure, the accumulator refills automatically, ready for the next possible occurance
  • Best to use in remote mount situations, where accessing a manual valve is not an option
  • Easy three-wire hookup
  • Comes in two pressure ranges: choose the one that best suits your engine combination