Dry Sump Pump, Tri-Lobe, Brinn Mount , 5 Stage, 1.200 Pressure

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Dry Sump Pump, T3 Series Five Stage, Brinn or Bert Bellhousing Mounting Bracket, 1.200 Pressure/1.700 Scavenge
  • Designed with a mounting bracket to mount Dry Sump Pump to Bert or Brinn Bellhousings
  • Tri-lobe aluminum scavenge sections featuring individual timing gears to ensure proper clearance at the highest of RPM’s
  • Spur gear pressure section based off Moroso’s billet wet sump pump design
  • Variable spring rates optimize your oil pressure for smooth, reliable oil pressure readings
  • This design saves weight and makes more crankcase vacuum than previous designs
  • This Tri-Lobe Pump weights almost half of gerotor pumps, and takes up to 40% less power to drive
  • Includes replaceable fittings; Pressure Section -12AN Inlet, -12AN Outlet, Scavenge Inlets -12AN, Return -16AN

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