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Competition Engineering Fabricated Housing Brace, Chrome Moly

Fits: 9" Ford Competition Engineering Fabricated Housing Part No. C9100

9" Ford rear axles are very popular in drag racing because of their light weight and the ability to change gears easily. The only disadvantage to this design is the tendency to flex and bow under hard acceleration. As the pinion rotates, it tries to climb the ring gear. This force tends to flex the rear housing out of shape. To combat this flex, Competition Engineering has designed the 9" Ford Axle Housing Brace. This two piece brace welds directly to the rear housing, triangulating the main housing with the axle tubes to eliminate any flex. By eliminating the flex, you increase the amount of power applied to the tires and improve your ET s as well.

  • Eliminates housing flex
  • Two piece design makes it easier to install
  • CAD designed, CNC manufactured
  • Contoured to fit for easier welding
  • Made from 1 8" material
  • Welding required