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Ballast Resistor, 1.82 ohms
  • Absolutely required for point-triggered ignitions equipped with coils that do not feature a built-in resistor such as Moroso Coil No. 72350, Accel Super Coil 140001, Super Stock High Vibration 8140HV, Racing Coils 140108, 140205 and 140305; Crane PS20 and PS40, Jacob s 380672T and MSD Blaster 2 - 8200, 8202, and 8203, Blaster 3 - 8223
  • Ceramic base supports resistor to eliminate the possibility of electrical shorts and to dissipate heat
  • Includes built-in mounting boss; must be mounted to firewall or other metallic surface to further dissipate heat
  • 1/4" spade terminals facilitate wiring to battery side of the coil